GCHQ’s Support For Scarborough UTC

GCHQ works in partnership with the Security Service (MI5) and Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to provide intelligence for Her Majesty’s Government and associated departments. Our Joint mission is to protect UK citizens, businesses and territories from those that would wish to harm, disrupt or deny the right to live freely in peace and prosperity. The more widely known areas cover countering terrorism, work against serious organized crime and support to the UK military, but increasingly there is more work with civil partners to help protect the UK critical national infrastructures and securing against intellectual property theft, all of which could seriously harm the UK’s ability to function. This is a complex portfolio that is increasingly resident in the fast paced and ever changing Cyber Domain, which is where the relationship that has been developed with the UTC is essential. It allows a partnered approach to developing the skills needed in the workforce of the future.


As an employer we look for creative and innovative thinkers who are not afraid of the challenge of an evolving domain, who are willing to try, and keep trying to deliver, allowing our customers to be able to make informed, intelligent decisions and to make a real difference in the world. We need the nurturing environment of the UTC to allow the growth in the skills we must have for the future.


We are an equal opportunities employer that needs a diverse workforce if we are ever to deliver against this challenge and as such we invest heavily in our staff,  with a range of methods to learn, grow and develop skills and become experts in their areas. We are looking across the full spectrum of Cyber skills as well as expertise in languages, business and project skills.


Due to the nature of this work, all our staff must hold a security clearance of which a basic requirement is UK citizenship. All our work is legally compliant and regularly checked.


If any of this is of interest to you then please visit; www.gchq-career.co.uk or www.MI6.gov.uk/careers or www.MI5.gov.uk/careers

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