The new school will accommodate 600 pupils from 14 to 18 years and 60 staff members and will operate between the hours of 0900 and 17.00 with some after school activities.

The UTC is built on the old ‘Park & Ride’ site next to Weaponness Valley Road. The Trust considered a range of locations but selected this site because it is well connected to the road and rail network and is located within urban Scarborough with the majority of Scarborough’s residents within a three mile radius of the site; i.e. reasonable walking and cycling distance. The site is located next to Seamer Road, the main arterial road into Scarborough from York via Malton. The site is located less than a mile from Scarborough railway station and the town centre.

Scarborough UTC is situated in a unique area as Scarborough and the Yorkshire Coast is 42 miles from the nearest town and will serve a catchment area which includes a number of small rural villages. Scarborough UTC is designed to be accessible to students residing in the Borough of Scarborough, the District of Ryedale and the East Riding of Yorkshire, who share an interest in pursuing a career in the various fields of advanced applied science, engineering and manufacturing. Our Admissions Policy reflects these aspirations.

This Travel policy is based around two key elements:

  1. That while there are generally good transport links across the area,where there are no transport links we will ensure subject to viable numbers that a bus service is provided so that every learner can access the UTC.
  2. That existing transport links are sometimes costly and we will therefore subsidise the cost of travel to the UTC to ensure that cost does not prohibit attendance at the UTC. No learner will pay more than £2.50 per day to attend. The subsidy will be subject to affordability and will be based on the cheapest transport option available.

 Admissions, Learner Numbers and Locations

The map below defines the UTC catchment area as defined in our admissions policy:

 Catchment area

Existing Transport Links to Scarborough UTC

The UTC site is well connected into the local bus network with frequent services on the 7,17, 118, 119, 128, and 843 all passing the school site and connecting the school to the town centre, bus and railway stations, and the Scarborough suburbs of Irton, Seamer, Crossgates, Eastfield, Osgodby, Cayton, and Wheatcroft and beyond to Filey and Bridlington.

These routes also connect the school to Middle Deepdale, the biggest housing development in Yorkshire where 1350 new homes are being built. South Scarborough is also where the majority of the Council’s new housing allocations (several thousand) will be built over the next 10-15 years. The Whitby and northern villages bus links (15, 115, 93 and X93) all connect into Scarborough Town Centre and students can disembark less than half a mile from the school site. Pickering is also linked by bus with a 57 minute journey which again connects the school to hundreds of households living in the large villages surrounding Scarborough.

Scarborough Railway Station is situated approximately 0.7 miles north of the site in the town centre. The station accommodates several train services to various destinations including Hull, via Filey, Bridlington and Driffield and York, via Malton and Seamer Railway Station which is situated approximately two miles south of the site on the A64 and accommodates the same services that travel to/from Scarborough Railway Station.

The first available school day train leaves Driffield at 07:32 and arrives in Scarborough at 08:22 calling at a number of stops; Driffield is approximately 20 miles distance from Scarborough. A return train leaves Scarborough at 17:57 taking an hour to complete the journey to Driffield. A train service is available from Malton, approximately 23 miles distance from the UTC site, providing an hourly service from 07:04 arriving in Scarborough at 07:29.

The school is well connected via the railway station (a 12minute walk away) with regular services to the towns of Driffield, Bridlington and Malton. Malton is 25 minutes by train, Bridlington 35 minutes and Driffield 59 minutes. Malton and Bridlington are also connected by bus routes but these take much longer than the train at 47 and 64 minutes respectively although these routes do pick up in the many villages in Scarborough’s

Detailed train times can be found via National Rail


(First Bus)

Pickering 7:45 – Scarborough 8:41

Thornton Dale 7:55 Allerston 8:01 Ebberston 8:05 Snainton 8:10 Brompton 8:13 Wykeham 8:17 Hutton Buscel 8:20 West Ayton 8:23 East Ayton 8:26 Seamer 8:29

Scarborough 16:00 – Pickering 16:56

East Ayton West Ayton Hutton Buscel Wykeham Brompton Snainton Ebberston Allerston Thornton Dale

16:12 16:15 16:18 16:21 16:24 16:28 16:31 16:36 16:40 16:46

Scarborough 17:15 – Pickering 18:11

East Ayton West Ayton Hutton Buscel Wykeham Brompton Snainton Ebberston Allerston Thornton Dale

17:27 17:30 17:33 17:36 17:39 17:43 17:46 17:51 17:55 18:01

Scarborough 18:15 – Pickering 19:11

East Ayton West Ayton Hutton Buscel Wykeham Brompton Snainton Ebberston Allerston Thornton Dale

18:27 18:30 18:33 18:36 18:39 18:43 18:46 18:51 18:55 19:01

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Malton 7.08 – Scarborough 7.55

Norton 7:09 Rillington 7:17 West Heslerton 7:24 Sherburn 7:29 Ganton 7:32 Staxton 7:36 Seamer 7:43

Malton 7:28 – Scarborough 8:21

Norton 7:30 Rillington 7:37 West Heslerton 7:45 Sherburn 7:51 Ganton 7:54 Staxton 7:58 Seamer 8.05

Scarborough 16:46 –Norton 17:30

Seamer Staxton Ganton Sherburn
West Heslerton Rillington

16:58 17:04 17:07 17:10 17:15 17:22

Scarborough 17:13 – Norton 17:57

Seamer Staxton Ganton Sherburn
West Heslerton Rillington

17:25 17:31 17:34 17:37 17:42 17:49

Scarborough 18:13 – Norton 18:56

Seamer Staxton Ganton Sherburn
West Heslerton Rillington

18:25 18:31 18:34 18:37 18:42 18:49


Whitby 7:36 – Scarborough 8:33

High Hawsker 7:48 Robin Hood’s Bay 7:55 Fylingthorpe 7:57 Cloughton 8:16 Barrowcliff 8:27

Scarborough 16:50 – Whitby 17:47

Barrowcliff Cloughton Fylingthorpe Robin Hood’s Bay High Hawsker

16:57 17:06 17:26 17:28 17:35

Scarborough 1750 – Whitby 1847

Barrowcliff Cloughton Fylingthorpe Robin Hood’s Bay High Hawsker

17:57 18:06 18:26 18:28 18:35

Scarborough 1850 – Whitby 1947

Barrowcliff Cloughton Fylingthorpe Robin Hood’s Bay High Hawsker

18:57 19:06 19:26 19:28 19:35


Bridlington 7.30 – Scarborough 8.34

Reighton 7:47 Hunmanby 7:56 Muston 8:00 Filey 8:08 Gristhorpe 8:13 Lebberston 8:15 Cayton 8:17 Eastfield 8:22

Scarborough 16:25 – Bridlington 17:27

Cayton Lebberston Gristhorpe Filey Muston Hunmanby Reighton

16:39 16:42 16:44 16:50 16:57 17:01 17:09

Scarborough 1725 – Bridlington 1827

Cayton Lebberston Gristhorpe Filey Muston Hunmanby Reighton

17:39 17:42 17:44 17:50 17:57 18:01 18:09

Scarborough 18:25 – Bridlington 19:27

Cayton Lebberston Gristhorpe Filey Muston Hunmanby Reighton

18:39 18:42 18:44 18:50 18:57 19:01 19:09

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