Extended Project Qualification Level 3

Qualification Level: Level 3

It is recommended by AQA that you spend up to 120 learning hours on your project. This includes meetings with your supervisor, planning, researching, organising, writing and drafting. Of these 120 hours the college offers up to 30 hours of training in research techniques and project management skills, as well as guidance on writing up the project and giving your presentation.

this is a researched based qualification and is well regarded by universities and employers as it involves extensive project management and independent skills.

  • Course Units

    Useful Books

    • EPQ Toolkit for AQA by Flanagan and McGee
    • AQA EPQ Companion Ocford Publishing
    • Extended Project Qualification – Hodder Education

    What should you do weekly for this course?

    • Complete any assignment set by your teacher
    • Read the EPQ AQA Text Book chapters as assigned and answer the questions
    • Research your topic and complete your research log charting what you have read and watched to help you
    • Complete the Future Learn course on How to Succeed in Your EPQ
    • Keep updating your production log

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