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At the start of each September, new students will experience a full induction including explanations of the curriculum, upcoming projects, our style of holistic learning and all our policies (including behaviour and attendance).

We will provide parents, carers and students with a guide on our Pre-16 curriculum, the compulsory and option subjects and description of the courses available, with a particular emphasis on our employer partner’s projects. The guide will also explain the English Baccalaureate and Attainment 8 measure and how optional subjects are grouped.

As part of the induction week the Scarborough UTC staff will utilise employer partner learning material and practical activities, with employers supporting the learning activities.  The activities will be based on core manufacturing principles including standardised work and lean methods. This will demonstrate the differences of Scarborough UTC by setting learning in a business context and using practical exercises and experiential learning methods.

Supporting And Stretching Students

Scarborough UTC is designed to meet the needs of all students with a keen interest in Science and Maths. These students will join us with a range of abilities. The most able will be stretched and challenged through activities in their subjects and in the sophistication of their Major Employer Projects. hey will also have the opportunity to study for further qualifications, such as a third Science, English Literature or a further Engineering Award.

Students with Special Educational, Behavioural , Emotional Needs or Disabilities (SEBEND), will receive appropriate support identified through a Personal Learning Plan. This support may take place inside and/or outside their scheduled timetable classes. The specialist Director of SEBEND will work closely with all such students and their parents in constructing (and regularly reviewing) the Personal Learning Plan and ensure it is shared with all appropriate teachers and staff.

Relationships At Scarborough UTC

The relationships across the entire Scarborough UTC community are characterised by mutual respect and support, and a sense of shared endeavour.

All communications and conversations will be conducted in a professional and constructive manner and encourage students to provide thoughtful and increasingly mature responses in all situations. In this way they will start to model their future professional behaviours.

The behaviour and discipline policy is underpinned by four straightforward and fundamental principles, which all students will be able to understand and embrace. They will understand how these principles translate into adult and professional life. These are:

  • mutual respect and shared responsibility for the wellbeing of all
  • health and safety and their personal responsibility for the safety of all
  • the effectiveness and productivity of the UTC
  • the professional reputation of the UTC

Attendance, punctuality and productive behaviours are therefore critical for success; as will an appreciation of difference and diversity.

All staff at Scarborough UTC will model these behaviours for students and provide strong professional role models.

Monitoring Progress To Gain The Best Grades

In supporting our students on the journey to their best grades, the UTC’s teachers will continuously monitor each student’s progress and adapt their work accordingly. Progress grades will be formally assessed and shared with students and parents four times a year in Quarterly Reports. Students’ individual programmes will be amended on the basis of these reports and additional support provided where necessary.

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