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Frequently Asked Questions are updated over time as and where appropriate to ensure that everyone has the best information regarding Scarborough UTC.

What is a University Technical College?

A UTC is a new concept in education. They offer 14-18 year olds the opportunity to take a highly regarded technically orientated course of study alongside academic qualifications with a clear focus on Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM). They are equipped to the highest standard, sponsored by a university and local businesses, offering clear progression routes into higher education or further learning in work. Students who are educated in a UTC are highly sought after by both universities and employers.

Are there fees to attend?

No, the UTC is a form of government-funded education.

What are the advantages of a student going to a UTC instead of staying on at their previous school?

It allows a student to study a subject they are really enthused by in top quality facilities that reflect the real workplace with teachers who have practical industry experience. Students also benefit from regular input and mentoring from local employers and universities.

‘‘Amongst the first UTCs  no student has joined the ranks of unemployment. Every student continued in education, or went i to employment or training. There were no “NEETS” and this is our aim for all UTCs” Lord Baker.

Is 14 too young to specialise?

UTC students receive a broad education including English, Maths and Science combined with practical qualifications of which are recognised by employers and universities. They also develop business and financial literacy. The skills they learn and the qualifications they receive are transferable to other post-16 provisions and are recognised by employers.

What makes the UTC different?

The curriculum is shaped by employers as well as the local university so everything the students learn is connected to the world of work. The UTC working day will also be different to that of  mainstream school due to the fat that the days are longer. With a start time of 9.00am and a finish this helps to better mirror and reflect what will be expected from a normal working day environment.

Who are the sponsors of Scarborough UTC?

Scarborough UTC, a University Technical College, is proud to have support from the University of Hull and is working in partnership with a range of local and national employers including Unison Ltd, McCain, Plaxton, GCHQ, and York Potash. The UTC is also working with a number of other employers to grow our partnership base.

Why specialise in Engineering, Design and Control?

The wealth of opportunities for engineering, design and control in the Scarborough area has lead to the need for this UTC. Our employer partners have demonstrated employment needs in these areas. In addition to the local need, there is a nationally recognised need for engineering skills as well as the core Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) subjects. There are many career opportunities in a raft of specialisms, including computer science, offering fantastic routes for all young people.

Will students have to wear a uniform?

Although different to that of mainstream schools, student dress will have a uniform element and reflect business dress.

Will there be homework as well as a longer school day?

There will be time within the day to undertake the personal study required by GCSEs, A-Levels and other qualifications. Students  will be able to access their learning online outside these hours should they want to finish off a piece of work or to do more independently, although we think that young people have time to pursue leisure and social interests alongside their studies.

If the student already has support at school would they continue to get this at the UTC?

Yes. The UTC will have staff who specialise in special needs and the building will be designed to provide access for all, with additional facilities for those who need them.

Will free school meals continue to be available?

Yes. All pupils eligible for free school meals will retain their entitlement.

Will the UTC offer Apprenticeships?

The UTC is offering highly-regarded technical qualifications alongside GCSEs and A-Levels. Students leaving the UTC at 16 or 18 will be well placed to take up Apprenticeships or Higher Apprenticeships.

What if I want to go to University?

The UTC will offer A-Levels as well as other qualifications that will provide sufficient UCAS points for students wishing to move on to University. UTC students with good Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) qualifications are highly sought after.

Will attending the UTC lead to a job?

With its relevant specialist learning and strong interactions with local employers a UTC student will be guaranteed interviews. Those outstanding Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) students are likely to be sponsored through University by employers seeking out the best talent.

Will the UTC admit students according to ability?

Year 10 entry will result in students being admitted on the basis of the admission policy. In the event that there are more applications than places, there will be an independently verified process of random allocation in order to ensure fairness. Some courses at Year 12 intake may involve minimum entry requirements based on the course selection level.

Are specific grades required for entry?

There are no entry requirements at Year 10. For admissions at Year 12 entry requirements will relate to the course of study applied for. For any Level 3 courses at Year 12 students will be expected to have a Grade C or better in Maths and English GCSE, a Grade C or better in Dual Award Science or in two of Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Students will also be assessed through interview for an aptitude for practical learning, problem-solving and collaborative working as well as an interest in engineering, design and control.

How can students apply to the UTC?

The UTC will be able to take formal applications from May 2015 and a full application process will be available on our website. However, in the meantime should you wish to register your interest, so that we can keep you informed on our progress, please do so by sending your full contact details to: or, alternatively by registering your details through our website.

What happens if the student wants to join halfway through an academic year?

We will want to discuss with the student whether this would be the right move for them, especially given the specialist nature of our courses. If it is, then the student can join if there is a vacant place, or be added to our waiting list.

Will the UTC have parent governors?

There will be a minimum of two parent governors on the Board of Governors.

Will there be any additional costs for parents regarding equipment?

The UTC will provide state of the art learning equipment for learning within school. Specialist kit may be provided by employers either based in the UTC or provided through site visits to their organisation. Students will not be required to provide their own specialist equipment.

When do we inform the current school that the child is leaving?

Once the student has formally applied to the UTC and their application has been formally accepted, they may inform their current school. We can provide the student with a model letter.

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