Jake – year 13

How has coming to the UTC benefitted you?
Engineering knowledge vastly improved. I have learnt lots of information about circuits, other technology and how they are used and machine technology.

Why did you choose to study engineering?
I wanted to know how to apply physics and maths. I wanted to understand how they would work. I wanted to understand about how design engineering benefit the human race.

What are your best memories / experiences here?
Visits to Teesside and different industries. I did Space Design Competition to London at Imperial College.

How has working with employers helped you?
Work experience – way working life operates. I went to Schneider and learnt about the engineering methods.

Where are you going to when you graduate?
MSC Northumbria Physics

How will your experiences at the UTC help you in the next stage of your career?
Coursework has helped me re: meeting deadlines. I have got more knowledge from understanding electronics and physics.