Missy McCardle

Studying A Level Maths, Physics and Product Design

What do you like about Scarborough UTC Sixth Form?

To me the think that I like the most about Scarborough UTC is the small classes and year group. We get very personal feedback and our teachers always have time to work closely with us to work in a unique way best fit for us.

How has Scarborough UTC helped you for your future?

Scarborough UTC introduced me to the F1 In Schools STEM competition, through this I have now changed my whole idea of what career path I would like to take. It has moulded my aspirations to be higher, with me now wanting to be a Formula One Race Strategist.

What would you say to somebody who is looking for Sixth Form options about Scarborough UTC?

SUTC brings a whole different setting to sixth form. With so many different opportunities that can genuinely change your life alike F1 in Schools, we have pride in our college.