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We are looking to you to take a leadership role within the College to support our drive for continuous improvement.  Becoming a Student Leader (and there are different ways of holding this role) will demand a commitment from you to:

  • Uphold the values and standards of the College.
  • Act as a good role model.
  • Bring maturity and leadership to the College helping staff to run the College efficiently.
  • Giving of their time and energy to support other students and the College

To be considered as a Student Leader you should be able to demonstrate that you are:

  • Honest & Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Smartly dressed
  • Diligent
  • Approachable & Friendly
  • Mature
  • Be responsible and considerate.

If you think you can deliver on the commitments above then we invite you to apply to be a Student Leader, first and foremost. After you have told us why you want to be a Student Leader, we invite you to indicate which other responsibility you would like to be considered for, in addition to being a general Student Leader.

Please note that this is a competitive process and it may be that not all applicants will be accepted. We will be taking into account such factors as your business dress, behaviour record, attendance, punctuality and your contribution to College life so far.   All newly appointed Student Leaders will have as a core responsibility to represent their peers at the meetings of the Student Leadership Forum.  In addition you may also take on an additional Student Leader responsibility which are: Events and Publicity, Learning Resource Centre Support, Peer learning, and Curriculum Student Leaders. Full details of the four roles are available to download below:

Student Leader Job Description – CURRICULUM


Student Leader Job Description – EVENTS & PUBLICITY




Student Leader Job Description – PEER MENTOR


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