Operation Amphibious Angel 2017

Scarborough UTCStudentsOperation Amphibious Angel 2017

The annual engineering challenge set by the Royal Navy and ‘Young Engineers’ in connection with BAE Systems took place on the 16th March at HMS Sultan in Gosport, Portsmouth, and saw eight teams from Scarborough UTC taking part in the final.  One of the Scarborough UTC team’s came away with a trophy as well.

Back in November 2016, the challenge was laid down by the Royal Navy to design and build an amphibious vehicle as part of a disaster relief effort.  Twelve teams from Scarborough UTC entered the competition and eight teams were selected to go through to the final.  There were five yr10 teams and three yr12 teams in total.

Over the course of the intervening months, teams had to bring their designs ideas into reality, use drawing boards and then CAD (Computer Aided Design), print out components using our 3D printers or manufacture parts in the workshop, finally build and test their ideas and where necessary go back to the drawing board…

30 students then made their way down to Portsmouth on the 15th March and stayed on board HMS Bristol before competing at HMS Sultan on the 16th.  There were over 300 students taking part in total and these students were all from engineering colleges across the country; there were even two teams from the RAF and the Royal Navy competing against the students.

Students had the challenge of maneuvering their vehicle on water and on land, retrieving debris and collecting specific items all controlled remotely with motors and controllers that they had installed on their vehicles.  This was then followed by a presentation to the captain of HMS Albion and his team, describing the whole journey that the teams had been on since the early design stage through to completion; how the team had gelled, which areas of expertise had they developed, who had managed to pluck up the courage to call businesses for sponsorship, and how they had got to grips with the engineering process.

There were a lot of ‘top brass’ in attendance at the event, including the 2SL Vice admiral Jonathan Woodcock OBE and Charles Parker of the Baker Dearing Trust, plus representatives from all of the leading engineering firms both from the UK and world wide.  It was a fantastic experience for all the students who took part and the icing on the cake was the trophy won by one of the yr10 teams, Team Axcel: Beth Summers, Alex Hill, Stella MacDonald and Hana Hinton for the best presentation.

Next year’s challenge will see students from the UTC competing again…..we intend to bring back more trophies next year!

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