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Pathways & Progression

Scarborough UTC will focus on academic achievements as well as ensuring that you have developed the skills and knowledge to give you a head start in a business context.

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Post 16 Studies

With the right grades, students will be able to progress to our sixth-form to study up to the equivalent of 4.5 A-Levels at Level 3. Individual programmes will be designed for those not yet ready to study a full Level 3 curriculum. Every effort will be made to ensure students can continue into the sixth-form.

Higher Education

If You wish to continue to Higher education, you will gain an advantage from learning in an environment already supported by, and with regular access to, university opportunities and experiences through Scarborough UTC.

Employment / Apprenticeships

A number of our employer partners have long-standing backgrounds in delivering learning experiences such as placements, outreach programmes and apprenticeships. They will bring their extensive experience to the UTC by sharing best-practice, ideas and initiatives to improve and benefit you.

These skills and expertise, coupled with the support and guidance of the University, will ensure you receive the best possible opportunities and up-to-date experiences.

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