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Regular and easy communication between home and Scarborough UTC is a vital requirement to support the progress of your child and is even more imperative with our longer business hours. We welcome opportunities for parents to come into the UTC or to speak on the phone and our staff will wherever possible, be available to help.  

Keeping in touch

All communication should initially go through Scarborough UTC’s main reception which is open from 08:00 – 16:30, Monday to Friday. 

You can contact reception on 01723 821 621 or email


To ensure that we can quickly and effectively deal with your enquiry and ensure that the member of staff is available, we operate an appointment system. If you wish to meet with a member of staff, please contact reception, clearly state your child’s name and the person you wish to make an appointment with. We will then arrange a meeting to suit both yourself and the member of staff.  


Your child has a dedicated tutor with whom they meet every day to review their learning, individual progress and targets. The tutor is responsible for supporting and tracking your child’s overall academic progress and is therefore the first point of call for information about your child.  

Parents will be referred to the Curriculum Areas and the teachers within  them for specific subject progress information by your child’s tutor. The  curriculum  areas are also responsible for  the  tracking  and  monitoring  of  students’ attitude to learning to ensure  they remain focused  and  engaged  in  lessons.  Parents’ should  therefore expect  direct  communication from  teachers  and  Directors of Subject, to  celebrate  your  son or  daughter’s  learning successes  as  well  as raising  any issues with their attitude to learning.

To  contact your  son/daughter‘s  teacher or Director of Subject  please contact  Scarborough UTC  main  reception.  Please  clearly state  your  child’ s  name,  Teacher/Director  name you  wish  to  contact  and  the  detail  of  your enquiry .

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