Year 10

Scarborough UTCYear 10

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum

Students in Years 10 & 11 will be required

  • to study for a minimum of eight GCSE or equivalent Technical Award qualifications
  • to study a core subject curriculum at GCSE level consisting of: maths, English Language, ‘double’ science.
  • to study a minimum of two (GCSE equivalent) Technical Award qualifications in Engineering and Design
  • to collaborate and contribute to a series of major engineering and design projects, as well as relevant research and development projects in science.
  • to study Religious Education, citizenship, sex and health education
  • to participate in PE and sport

Our exciting curriculum is designed to provide the necessary academic and vocational qualifications, our student engineers and scientists will learn through activities which develop:

  • Curiosity and imagination
  • Creativity and ingenuity
  • Problem-solving and resilience
  • Self-management and organisation
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Technological confidence and technical skills
  • Enquiry and analysis 

Engineering Design

Engineering Design is a process used to develop and enhance new products and systems as a response to market opportunities.

This qualification is an opportunity for learners to develop a design specification and study the process involved in designing new engineering products. They’ll use practical skills such as drawing, computer modelling and model making to communicate design ideas. The qualification will also encourage them to consult with a client and, with its practical focus, will engage learners in producing, testing and evaluating a prototype in the form of a model.

Modules included within this qualification:

  • Design Briefs, design specification and user requirements.
  • Product analysis and research.
  • Developing and presenting engineering designs.
  • 3D design realisation.

Engineering Manufacture

Engineering manufacture is a discipline of engineering dealing with the different manufacturing processes using the machines, tools and equipment that turn raw materials into new products. This qualification will enable learners to study these processes. It will also allow them to operate the tools and equipment used to make the products from the requirements of a design specification, as well as use relevant computer applications such as CAD/CAM and CNC equipment.

Modules included within this qualification:

  • Engineering materials, processes and production
  • Preparing and planning for manufacture
  • Computer- aided manufacturing
  • Quality control of engineering products

Systems & Control in Engineering

Systems & control in engineering is the study  of microprocessor control that uses sensors, feedback and actuators that constantly adjust for a desired performance. Through this qualification learners will explore these computer and microprocessor applications. They’ll learn how systems are used in engineering environments such as product design, automated manufacturing, maintenance and stock control. They’ll also take part in engaging practical tasks such as producing  simple electronic circuits, testing the operation of circuits, and designing and testing a simple control system.

Modules included within this qualification:

  • Electronic principles
  • Simulate, construct and test electronic circuits
  • Engineering applications of computers
  • Process control systems

Major Projects with our employers and University of Hull

A unique and important element of the students’ experience at the UTC is their involvement in the Major Projects. Students will work in Project Teams to identify, explore and evaluate possible solutions to a real-life engineering problem.

Working closely with employers and the University, Project Teams will justify and develop their best solution. On project completion, students, in their teams, will present their Project Outcome to a large and informed audience, including the employer.

These projects will deepen and enrich learning from across the curriculum whilst building crucial professional skills and characteristics. All students will, at an appropriate point, take the opportunity to lead their team in at least one Major Project.

Moving onto our sixth-form

With the right grades, students will be able to progress to our sixth-form to study (Level 3) A Levels and Technical Levels. Individual programmes will be designed for those not yet ready to study a full Level 3 curriculum. Every effort will be made to ensure students can continue into the sixth-form.

Employer Major Projects continue in sixth-form, with one to be developed further in Year 13 for the Extended Project Award. Students passing A Level Maths, a Technical Level in Engineering, and the Extended Project, will secure the nationally recognised Technical Baccalaureate.

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