Why is SUTC different

The first thing you’ll notice about our UTC is that we identify ourselves as a college, not a school. When you start here in Year 9 or Year 10 you are joining a college. This is reflected in the more mature environment we have created for our students, and we feel helps prepare you for what lies ahead for your time working with us. You will work alongside leading employers, have University led masterclasses and you will have the opportunity to experience the broad range of career opportunities that are available through yearly work experience.

It’s ‘school’, but not as you know it…

Alongside your traditional GCSE curriculum you study technical qualifications that give you the skills employers are looking for in their future workforce – how do we know this? Because the employers themselves have helped us shape the curriculum, and are hands-on in daily college life providing projects for our students along with masterclasses and the opportunities to visit them and see first-hand where you could be working. Nowhere else provides you with these opportunities at age 13.

Students will build knowledge and understanding of engineering through… 

  • Contributing to a series of industry-led ‘major projects’ in projects teams 
  • Visiting partner organisations to gain firsthand experience of the engineering world 
  • Partnering with the engineering faculty at the University of Hull 
  • Working with mentors from industry and education 

Students will develop life skills, independence and knowledge through… 

  • Building a record of academic and professional achievement 
  • Courses in business enterprise and entrepreneurship, global and environmental awareness 
  • Leading and taking part in enrichment activities 
  • Taking part in RE, PSCHE (Leadership and Personal Development), citizenship and sports activities 
  • Receiving the very best in careers education 

Our curriculum will enable students to develop the skills that are highly sought after by universities and employers today: 

  • Creativity and ingenuity 
  • Enquiry and analysis 
  • Problem-solving and resilience 
  • Self-management and organisation 
  • Teamwork and collaboration 
  • Technological confidence and technical skills 

The focus on these attributes and capacities in the curriculum ensure our students develop the ‘character’ to succeed in the modern world.