Level 3 Foundation Technical Level IT: Cybersecurity

AQA Exam Board

This is a brand new course for 2019/20

  • Course Units

    Unit 1: Fundamental principles of computing

    • Different types of computer
    • Hardware components of a computer system
    • Software requirements of a computer system
    • How data is converted to information
    • How computers process information
    • How computers process user requirements
      Unit 1: Fundamental principles of computing 

      This unit will provide the learner with the necessary knowledge to understand the different hardware and elements of a computer system and how these contribute to a fully functioning computer system. 

      The learner will also develop a range of skills required to make changes to computer systems to ensure that they are fit for the particular requirements of the users. 

    Unit 2: Communication technologies

    • Fundamentals of data communication
    • Data communication methods
    • Basic mobile technology communication methods
    • The fundamentals of computer networks
    • Network conceptual models, protocols and devices
      Unit 2: Communication technologies 

       This unit will provide the learner with the necessary knowledge to appreciate the fundamental aspects of data communication. It will enable a firm conceptual grasp of how data is transmitted at lightning 

      speeds from one point to another, thereby enabling the modern technologies, devices and services we take for granted every single day. 

    Unit 3: Developing and maintaining computer networks

    • Communication activities facilitated by computer networks
    • Types of network architectures and technology types
    • Types of local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs)
    • Designing and building a network from a specification
    • End user network testing
    • Maintaining a network system

    Unit 3: Developing and maintaining computer networks 

    This unit will provide learners with the underpinning knowledge and understanding of a range of computer networks and methodologies to enable them to develop a simple network from a specification and also the practical skills required to be able to develop and maintain networks for an organisation.

    Unit 4: Network Threats and vulnerabilities

    • Network security testing
    • Analysing security issues for a network
    • Deploying secure networks
    • Apply security settings to network technologies
    • Business continuity planning to mitigate risks and impact on organisations caused by insecure networks
      Unit 4: Network Threats and vulnerabilities 

      The aim of this unit is to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to counteract internal and external threats to networks. 

  • Modules

    Fundamental principles of computing  Paper 1 

    Communication technologies Paper 2 

    Developing and maintaining computer networks, practical assignment 

    Network threats and vulnerabilities, practical assignment 

  • Entry Criteria

    Five GCSE’s at 9 – 5, preferably including English and Maths. 

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