Degree Apprenticeships

What are Degree Apprenticeships?

Degree apprenticeships combine work with a leading company or organisation and completing a degree. The company pays you a salary and also pays the university tuition fees. At the end of the programme, you have industry experience and a degree. The Student Ladder website gives an excellent overview.

Who would it suit?

If your career path and intended area of study are closely related then it might suit you. Engineering, computing, finance, accounting, advertising, computing, television production are some of the fields where degree apprenticeships are offered. These are a growing field and many people are now looking to train and work so that their employability skills are increased.

How are applications made and what are the entry requirements?

Applications are made with individual companies and organisations online. A-level grades ranging from ABB to CCC are a common academic requirement. Phone interviews, face to face interviews and psychometric testing can form part of the process.

How does this relate to UCAS applications?

These programmes are completely independent of UCAS. You can apply for a normal university place through UCAS and additionally apply for any number of degree apprenticeships. You can then choose which path you want to follow.

Which? Guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
What to do next.

Each organisation has a different approach. Look through the selection below to get a sense of the range of opportunities available and then start researching your area of interest. Remember that all large organisations have generic business needs such as finance, legal support and project management etc in addition to those functions specific to their own core activity.

Examples of Organisations offering Degree Apprenticeships
  • Dyson – engineering apprenticeship at The Dyson Institute
  • KPMG – two distinct programmes available
  • EY – scholarship and internships available while you pursue normal university study at specific universities
  • GCHQ – a range of cyber security and ICT apprenticeships
  • Jaguar Land Rover – deadline 31 December. Opportunities in the Financial and Engineering side of the Business
  • BBC opportunities in Business Management, Journalism, Software development and more
  • BAE – Project Management, Software Development and Engineering opportunities in Britain’s largest defence manufacturer
Other Useful Sites

The Student Ladder