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Our employer partners are fully committed to Scarborough UTC through a common aim in providing ambitious young people with a clear goal in life and to reach their potential, whilst also generating employees for the future.

Each organisation has developed projects specific to their industry that will provide students with the skills and knowledge to progress. They will continue to work together to support the development of a curriculum offer aligned to industry needs and based around building ambition, resilience, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Projects are aligned to the curriculum and have a structured approach, encompassing various elements of working from project management, to design and engineering. This will support and enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Our UTC captures the combined knowledge of local, national and internationally well-known brands, affording students access to a level of unprecedented expertise.

Employers will demonstrate how theoretical concepts have very real and exciting practical applications within their organisations. This offer does not currently exist in Scarborough or the surrounding area today and will open up a range of different pathways, career opportunities and learning experiences.