F1 in Schools Success

Scarborough UTCStudentsF1 in Schools Success

More success this week, our 3rd competition win within the past month, at the F1 in Schools regional finals at York Uni:

– 1st Overall
– 2nd Overall
– Best Engineered Car
– Team Identity Award
– Sponsorship and Marketing Awards

The competition, organised by Formula 1, takes place all around the world for school children aged 11–18 and sees the students have to design and manufacture a miniature car out of the official F1 model block using computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM) software and tools. The cars are fired down a drag race circuit by CO2 cartridges and are attached to the track by a nylon wire. Cars are timed and this time is not only affected by the overall design but also by the students reaction times as they press the button to start the race once the lights go green. prior to the race students also have to give a presentation on their team, explaining about their sponsorship and how they have marketed themselves – it’s not just the design on which you are judged but also your team as a whole and we are delighted to say that it was a clean sweep for our teams.

Onwards to Silverstone we go for the UK finals and then hopefully the internationals – well done everybody!

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